Prof Ginny Barbour: An Australian perspective on open access, current landscape and future directions (ARC & NHMRC policy)

Course description

Flinders University Library is pleased to be hosting Professor Ginny Barbour, Director of the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG).

Professor Barbour’s presentation will cover:

  • Grants & Open Access in relation to the ARC & NHMRC
  • Current landscape & future directions
  • Open access in Australia

There is ample time for discussion and Q&A.

The AOASG is a national leader in open access scholarly communications particularly in advocacy, collaboration, and building capacity with Australian and New Zealand to advance open access. Professor Barbour has a distinguished career in publishing and academia in addition to her internationally renowned open access advocacy work. She is the former Chair of the Committee on Publication Ethics, former Chief Editor of PLOS Medicine, former Medicine and Biology Editorial Director PLOS and former Medicine Editorial Director PLOS and former Senior Editor of the Lancet.

Type of course

Information session

Who should attend

Researchers funded by the ARC & NHMRC

Established researchers, ECRs, HDRs, Students, Research support staff

What you will learn

  • Grants & open access - ARC & NHMRC
  • Current landscape and future directions
  • Open access in Australia

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

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