Connect with IGII (Industry, Government, International and Internal research funding & research tenders] - one-on-one virtual meeting

Course description

Receive one-on-one advice and support from the Industry, Government, International & Internal (IIGI) grants team on all aspects of research grants and/or research tenders including:

  • Funding Sources, where to start?
  • Stepping you through the process of applying for research grants and/or research tenders including:
    • Flinders’ Submission/Certification forms
    • Flinders’ infrastructure levy
    • Planning/Preparing a Budget – how to justify your budget
    • Details of how we can provide support to you.

Please note that individual sessions will run for 20 minutes via an interactive MS Teams webinar. Registrants will receive a calendar invitation detailing the time of their meeting and an MS Teams meeting link. If you would prefer a phone meeting, please contact the IGII Grants Team to arrange.

If the matter is urgent, please contact the IGII Grants Team for assistance.

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

All staff and students who are involved in applying for research grants particularly category 2, 3 and 4 funding. Please contact us if you would like clarity of what grants constitutes these funding types.

What you will learn

Advice regarding general and open call specific enquiries; things to consider when writing grant applications, preparing a budget and new skills and understanding of undertaking research projects.

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