Providing Usable Feedback

Course description

Feedback ought to enable students to improve their future learning. However, often students do not seem to use comments on assessed work as a resource for learning (e.g. the same errors or misunderstandings recur in subsequent work). The growing body of recent research on student views on feedback suggests that there are two key issues that need to be addressed in making comments into usable feedback. The first is the characteristics of the comments themselves in terms of their technical structure and accessibility to the learner. The second is helping students to develop strategies to use comments to improve learning. This workshop focuses on the first of these issues.

Please note: This workshop is considered an elective toward completion of the Post Graduate Supervision Program.

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Don Houston
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Who should attend

All staff with an interest in improving feedback to support student learning.

What you will learn

  • the key characteristics of content and language that help make feedback usable by students
  • methods and techniques for providing usable feedback

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