Developing Assessment Rubrics

Course description

A rubric presents a public description of the criteria that distinguish good work from poor work, and it can be used to both promote and evaluate student learning in relation to intended learning outcomes.  For students, carefully developed rubrics can be used to accomplish two broad aims: to educate students and to develop their capacity to judge their own work, thereby sending the message that ownership of their own learning is respected and valued. 

The course will examine:

  • the common elements of rubrics;
  • a process for developing rubrics;
  • how to integrate rubrics into assessment to promote student learning.

Type of course



Don Houston
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Who should attend

Any staff with an interest in improving assessment and student learning

What you will learn

  • Key ideas shaping the use of assessment rubrics
  • a process for effective rubric design
  • techniques for effectively using rubrics to promote student learning

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