IBM SPSS - Intermediate: ANOVAs and non-parametric equivalents

Course description

This course builds on the skills taught in the introductory courses as well as on the workshop that introduces basic statistical techniques for difference questions. Various more advanced statistical techniques that belong to ANOVA family are introduced. Although this course is aimed to be practically orientated with extensive use of the IBM SPSS statistical package, theoretical considerations related to the selection of an appropriate statistical test as well as assumptions involved are addressed. 

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Type of course

Web conference


Pawel Skuza

Who should attend

Staff and Research Higher Degree Students <!--?xml:namespace prefix = o /--><!--?xml:namespace prefix = o /--><!--?xml:namespace prefix = o /-->

What you will learn

  • One-Way Analysis of Variance (GLM Menu)
  • Kruskal-Wallis H test 
  • Two-Way (between-groups) ANOVA
  • Analysis of Covariance - ANCOVA
  • Assumptions related to the statistical techniques listed above
  • Use of syntax 

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Preferably participants should attend Introduction to SPSSIntroduction to Statistical AnalysisIntermediate SPSS: Understanding Your Data and Checking Assumptions and Intermediate SPSS: Basic Statistical Techniques for Difference Questions (or have an understanding of concepts/skills covered in those two introductory courses) before enrolling in this workshop.

Upcoming events

Thursday, 3rd October 2024

Time: 9:30AM - 12:30PM
Location: Web conference

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