IBM SPSS - Advanced: Complex Sample Survey Design / ABS and DSS Confidentialised Datasets

Course description

One part of this course aims to present a range of confidentialised datasets which are available through university arrangements with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (CURFs) and Department of Social Services. It focuses on the importance of familiarisation with technical manuals before undertaking analyses of secondary data. The second part aims to introduce complex sample survey designs and undertake practical exercises of analysing the data obtained from such designs by utilising the IBM SPSS Complex Samples module. Alternative computer programs supporting the analyses of complex samples designs will be elaborated on.

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Type of course

Web conference


Pawel Skuza

Who should attend

Staff and Research Higher Degree Students<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" /-->

What you will learn

  • What ABS and DSS confidential datasets are available and what procedures are involved in obtaining access to the data
  • Accessing and interpretation of the technical manuals that comes with the secondary datasets
  • Alternatives to simple random sampling
  • Concepts of stratification, clustering and sampling weights
  • Example of preparing a two stage cluster sampling framework
  • Examples of undertaking analyses using IBM SPSS Complex Samples modules.
  • Overview of other statistical programs supporting analysis of data from the studies using complex sample designs

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Preferably participants should attend Introduction to SPSS, Introduction to Statistical Analysis and Intermediate SPSS: Understanding Your Data and Checking Assumptions (or have an understanding of concepts/skills covered in those two introductory courses) before enrolling in this workshop.

Upcoming events

Tuesday, 29th October 2024

Time: 9:30AM - 12:30PM
Location: Web conference

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