NVivo - Individual support

Course description

NVivo is a software package to assist in data management and analysis of your research data, including text, journal articles, images, audio and video. This support session is a hands on session using the software, that builds on your own knowledge and skills for using NVivo. Participants are required to be already using NVivo, and have attended both the basics and advanced features workshops. Participants will need to bring their NVivo project and a list of the questions or concerns they have and will receive individualised support with their project. The amount of time per person will depend on the number of participants attending and the degree of issue/problems to be supported through.

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

Staff and Research Higher Degree student who have a current project that need help.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Completion of the Nvivo: Basics workshop, NVivo Advanced features workshop and relevant experience in using NVivo software.

Upcoming events

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