NVivo - Online workshops

Course description

Online Courses for Windows and MAC are available to staff and HDR students. This page will not advertise actual course dates.

These courses are conducted by QSR International. A coupon code is required for free access to the courses. Please fill out the form under Online courses to obtain the coupon. This is a unique coupon and can only be used by the named Flinders staff or student it is given too. If you are interested in undertaking a course, go to NVivo Academy for course details.

Courses covered by the University are:

  • NVivo Core Skills (windows)
  • NVivo Core Skills (mac)

All participants will need an internet connection to join the webinar and NVivo installed on their computer they will be using to complete the course (request software for personal computer).

In addition to the online course you can use the free YouTube videos supplied by QSR to learn how to use NVivo.

Type of course

Online course

Who should attend

These online courses are primarily aimed for staff members or HDR students

What you will learn

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No upcoming events