Access - Intermediate: Forms & Queries

Course description

This course is not currently being run.

This module expands the knowledge acquired in the Relational Database course by exploring the detailed workings of two types of database objects. From this, you will begin to appreciate how Access can unlock your data by flexible and productive means, and understand what appropriate relationships can accomplish.

Type of course

Hands-on computer course

Who should attend

For people who can confidently create a simple database (with tables, queries, and forms), and who wish to extend the usefulness and functionality of their applications, and improve ease of use.

What you will learn

More advanced queries
Query types

Select queries
Parameter queries
Action queries
Join types
Calculated fields
Multi-table queries

More advanced forms
Working with controls

Combo boxes
Option groups
Control properties
Main forms & sub-forms
Multiple form pages

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Attended Introduction to Access or good knowledge of Access

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