Protecting your research in Controlled Environments - review and valuation

Course description

Our University's vision is to be internationally recognised as a world leader in research, and our success in this regard relies on the work and efforts of our researchers.

To ensure the millions of dollars-worth of Flinders' scientific research is appropriately protected, the University prioritises an active risk management approach to our research Controlled Environments.

What are 'Controlled Environments'?
The majority of our research and experiments are undertaken and stored in Controlled Environments: these are spaces or equipment that require a controlling mechanism.  Examples include (but are not limited to) research laboratories, research-related freezers/fridges, greenhouses, animal houses and even oxygenated fish tanks.

What's happened that affects me as a researcher?
Across Australia over the last couple of years, the number and value of insurance claims for research spoilage losses in Controlled Environments at universities have increased considerably.

As a result, Flinders' insurer, Unimutual, has changed cover levels for reinstating spoiled research due to Controlled Environment failure.  Recognising that changes to how the University protects its research will take time to implement, Unimutual has given us a "period of grace" until 1 November 2020 when these cover changes will come into effect.

In preparation for this change, a Controlled Environment review and valuation is due to occur during March/April which is intended to identify, value and record research in Controlled Environments.

The involvement of all researchers working with Controlled Environments will be critical to the process of accurately recording Flinders' research, so come along to this session to find out more.

Presented by Simon Iliffe, Unimutual Risk Manager and expert in Controlled Environments.

To watch the live stream, please click here.

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Simon Iliffe

Who should attend

All researchers who have any research work in a Controlled Environment.

Please note - this session will be live-streamed and recorded.  Click here to livestream.

What you will learn

  • The reason for the change from 'Temperature Controlled Environment' to 'Controlled Environment'
  • What is a Controlled Environment
  • The new wording
  • Mitigation requirements
  • Valuing research samples, projects and animals - the different methods
  • Standards of protection

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