Information Management 101

Course description

This workshop provides the basics of what you need to know about managing information that you work with on a daily basis, and makes you think about how you can arrange your information in the most efficient manner. For you and for the University.

Subjects included in the workshop are:

- What's my framework?

- Risks and rewards

- Digital versus paper

- Collaboration

- Information security

- Information classification

- Disposal


Material from the University's Archives & Records management pages will be referenced. This can be found at

Type of course


Who should attend

The workshop is focused on professional and academic staff of the University.

What you will learn

You will learn about

- your obligations when it comes to managing University records and information,

- how to organise information in an efficient manner that will enable you to work more efficiently, and

- to recognise opportunities for improving your information and data management.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Staff attending the course are assumed to have viewed the Information Matters video.

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