Hmmm, how long do I have to keep that information?

Course description

Want to clean up your e-mail inbox, but don't know if you can delete that e-mail from your supervisor from two years ago?
Need some storage space, but not sure if you can throw the contents of that shelf into the confidential bin?
Have some project documentation on your S:Drive, but not sure if you can get rid of it yet?

The retention/storage and destruction of University records is governed by disposal schedules.
This course aims to give you some guidance on how long (and why) you need to keep records, by explaining the framework and use of those disposal schedules.


General Disposal Schedule 30 (version 1.1) for South Australian Government Agencies
General Disposal Schedule 24 (version 5) for South Australian Universities

Type of course



Renee Van Der Walt

Who should attend

This workshop is meant for professional staff, and is also suitable for academic staff.

What you will learn

You will learn:
- some general guidelines on how to assess and sentence records
- the basics of records destruction and storage
- how to use the two General Disposal Schedules that cover all of the University's records.

Note: after taking this course, you will have a general understanding of the concepts of record sentencing, and will be able to sentence simple record types. You will not be able to sentence complex record types. For sentencing complex record types, advice must always be sought from the University Archives, or the Senior Records Management Officer.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Course participants need to have viewed the Information Matters video.

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