Flinders Business Analytics - User Workshop

Course description

Flinders Business Analytics - User Workshop

The User Workshops offer staff the opportunity to participate in a short structured exercise which focuses on one aspect of using the Flinders Business Analytics environment. This is followed by a Q&A session in which Planning Services staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about navigating and using Flinders Business Analytics. It is anticipated the session will take around one hour, although additional time is available for individual questions. If the workshop you are interested in is full, please add your name to the waiting list. Additional workshops will be added if there is demand.

The following sessions are currently scheduled:

Thursday 14th November (10.30am) - Dashboards. Multiple reports can be brought together in a single dashboard to provide a wide range of information on an area of interest. This workshop will focus on accessing dashboards in FBA, how to manipulate them to look the way you want and how to export them. A great workshop for staff who are new to FBA as well as those who want a refresher.

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Roslyn Clermont
Office of Communication, Marketing and Engagement

Who should attend

Staff who are interested in or involved in Analytics and Reporting

What you will learn

Participants will learn how to access and use wide range of reports available through Flinders Business Analytics.



Prerequisites / assumed knowledge


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No upcoming events

Please remember if you can't attend a course anymore please unenrol yourself or move to the waiting list so others can attend.

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