Covidence - Intermediate - Flinders Library

Course description

Covidence is a cloud-based software tool designed to facilitate the systematic review process. Covidence is a core component of the Cochrane review process, an industry-standard approach to systematic literature reviews.
This session is best for those who have used Covidence in the past or have attended an introductory session.

Annaliese Arno PhD from Covidence will be leading the training.

The session will cover:

Bulk PDF

    How to get it to work!
    Common mistakes
    Other quick ways to retrieve PDFs


    DE 1.0

        Customising RoB domains
        Customising tables
        Using DE 1.0 to capture qualitative information

    DE 2.0

        How to build a custom quality appraisal


Type of course

Web conference


Shannon Brown

Who should attend

All Flinders students and researchers planning or conducting systematic or scoping reviews.

Best for those that have already attended an introductory session.

What you will learn

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

General knowledge of Covidence basics.

If you would like a refresh before the training session, you can look at the Covidence Knowledge Base/Support page -

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