Business writing 2: writing business cases

Course description

Domain: Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Type: Intermediate course
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A half-day workshop on writing effective business cases.

Suitable for experienced and reasonably confident writers who want to improve their ability to present a written business case.

Presented by Shaun McNicholas of Cool Rules [for writers] an Adelaide-based company which has been working with government, education and business clients across Australia since 2001 to improve workplace writing.

Type of course



Shaun McNicholas
Flinders University

Who should attend

Professional staff who are looking to improve their business case writing skills.

What you will learn

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Know how to research a business case
  • Know how to structure a business case for maximum impact
  • Know what to include, and what to leave out
  • Know how to build a persuasive argument, in writing
  • Understand the importance of succinct, professional, readable writing

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