Dealing with difficult behaviour

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Domain:Communication and interpersonal skills
Type:Intermediate course

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The world of work can be full of drama and challenges…. some of which may include your colleagues.

Do you work with someone ‘difficult’ and struggle to deal with their behaviour?

Do you get that sinking feeling when you have to work closely with them, and feel trapped?

In this workshop we will focus on what makes people's behaviour ‘difficult’, explore tools and techniques to manage our response to their behaviour, and understand the policy framework, resources and supports available to support us in working with difficult behaviour.

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Who should attend

All staff are welcome to attend.

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What you will learn

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the ability to work effectively with difficult people wherever they fall within the organisation, by:

  • Identifying what makes someone's behaviour ‘difficult’
  • Explore action-oriented solutions and tactics to manage participants’ own behaviour and that of others
  • Understand policies and processes that are there to protect staff from bullying or other unacceptable behaviour

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