Radiation Protection Training

Course description

Presenter : Kent Gregory (University Radiation Safety Officer) SA Radiation Pty Ltd.

Radiation Protection Training

This is a 'face to face' presentation that is offered only once every year in February. it is mandatory training for all radiation workers and must be repeated every two years.

Radiation Safety Refresher Course

This is a bridging or refresher course which is also offered online via FLO to provide an update throughout the year. However this is only interim and you must attend the next 'face to face' in the following February to maintain your radiation worker registration with Flinders University.

The training is designed to supplement the mandatory radiation training that is offered annually. This is in the form of a 26 minute video. Simply enrol in the course if it is advertised on this page. You will receive a system generated email with the link to the course. Be sure to email the 'magic number' to whs@flinders.edu.au as confirmation that you have completed the video.

Check the title of the course currently on offer to ensure which of the above is applicable. Live is SA Radiation's 'face to face' presentation offered in February each year and Refresher training is online and offered in between Live training dates as a bridging option.

Type of course

Online course

Who should attend

New and existing staff and students (radiation workers), who intend to use unsealed or sealed radioactive substances or radiation equipment.

What you will learn

The course material is based around the general legal requirements for using radioactive substances and apparatus.

Topics covered include:

  • radiation protection principles
  • safety in laboratories
  • emergency procedures
  • waste disposal and legal requirements

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

The following references may be useful:

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