University Teaching Enhancement at Flinders (UTEF) program (formerly FFOUT)

Course description

University Teaching Enhancement at Flinders (formerly FFOUT)

The Flinders Foundations of University Teaching (FFOUT) Program has been redesigned into a more flexible, accessible, individualised format, called University Teaching Enhancement at Flinders (UTEF).

It remains the University’s primary university teacher preparation program supporting and promoting the Strategic Plan Making a Difference – the 2025 Agenda. Academic staff who are new to Flinders are required to participate in this program as stipulated in our current Enterprise Agreement. However, it is open to all staff who wish to develop and enhance their teaching skills.

UTEF aims to familiarise you with learning and teaching at Flinders University, including the governance, processes and systems you will need to navigate as part of your role. It also allows the opportunity to undertake those modules of interest to you, those most directly relevant to your role in a “choose your own adventure” style of learning rather than “one size fits all”. The program learning outcomes include:

  1.   Utilise the educational technologies and supports at Flinders University for teaching practice.
  2. Construct your teaching practice within the values, ethos, educational quality framework and other policies related to learning and teaching at Flinders University.
  3. Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with students, peers, industry and broader networks to enhance teaching skills and capacity.
  4. Formulate scholarly approaches to practice, advocacy and leadership through reflection within a contemporary educational context.
  5. Plan, implement, and evaluate your teaching with reference to scholarly, evidence-informed literature and practice.

Developed and facilitated by academic development staff in the Learning and Teaching Innovation portfolio (formerly Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching), this program was collaboratively developed by both academic and professional staff, leadership and external experts in the higher education sector. It has been designed to give teaching staff a comprehensive, accessible and individualised start to their teaching at Flinders University.

Program requirements and registration

All newly appointed academic staff members with continuing, convertible and fixed-term positions are required to complete the UTEF program. Staff members should, ideally complete the program within their first year of employment. Evidence of completion must be included as part of the documentation to satisfy the requirements for confirmation of employment towards the end of their probation period.

The program is self-enrol and can be found at:



Some staff will be exempt from all or part of the University Teaching Enhancement at Flinders program, in recognition of significant teaching experience or recent training. The staff member should discuss participation in the UTEF program with their supervisor within the first month of appointment, as part of establishing training requirements required to fulfil probation conditions. While the onus is on the staff member to provide the case for full/part exemption, it is up to the supervisor to determine whether an application for exemption is appropriate.

Exemptions may only be granted by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning & Teaching Innovation), to whom a case for full/part exemption should initially be submitted by the staff member, together with confirmation of the supervisor's support. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students), if needed, will have final authority for determining exemptions.

This process should occur as early as possible so that the staff member and supervisor are clear about what training, if any, needs to be completed within the probationary period. Towards the end of probation, as part of the formal documentation provided to satisfy the requirements for confirmation of employment, the staff member will need to include evidence of any full or part exemption that has been granted. 

All exemptions from the mandatory programs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and will be approved in accordance to the University's Mandatory Induction Program and the criteria below.

Exemption from this program can be given if any of the following criteria can be met. If you:

  • work less than 0.5 FTE per week
  • are in a Research Only position.

 Partial exemption can be given (only required to undertake the four core modules) if you:

  • have an Advance Higher Education Fellowship (Associate Fellow or higher)
  • have a qualification relevant to teaching in higher education
  • have documentary proof you have attended a similar course elsewhere (a program related to teaching in higher education, not primary or secondary school)
  • are a leader in higher education teaching in your field (i.e. have won awards and/or led a team to redevelop a curriculum or similar, sustained for over five years).

Appropriate documentary evidence needs to be submitted along with the request along with a copy of your teaching philosophy.

NOTE: for all exemption queries and applications, please contact the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning & Teaching Innovation), Learning and Teaching Innovation.


Program structure

The UTEF program comprises:

  • active participation in a series of online modules (4 – 8 depending on teaching experience and qualifications)
  • the development and submission of a Portfolio
  • the submission of your philosophy of teaching

The UTEF program is offered all year round and is the equivalent of a 4.5 unit Topic.


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Online course


Cassandra Hood
Learning and Teaching Innovation

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