Feedback Fruit Peer Learning - Inspirational workshop

Course description

Do you feel your students aren't engaging enough with your topic, the activities or the resources you provide them? Would you like to increase student participation and help your students achieve greater learning outcomes?

Please join us and embark on a new collaborative and engaging learning journey together with your students.

In semester 1 2022 we will be piloting two peer learning tools - Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation. These tools:

  • provide an opportunity for students to practice assessing their peer's collaboration skills and contribution
  • guide students on giving critical quantitative and qualitative feedback

If you are interested in being involved in the pilot, come along to learn more.

Type of course

Web conference


Grette Wilkinson
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Eugenie Hsueh

Who should attend

Teaching staff who are either already conducting peer learning activities or interested in embedding peer learning in their teaching.

What you will learn

  • More about the pilot of these tools that will be running in semester 1 2022 and what support will be offered during the pilot
  • The functionality of these tools and whether they suit your use case(s)
  • How to get involved in the pilot

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