FeedbackFruits - Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation

Course description

We will be exploring two peer learning tools within FeedbackFruits that are available in Canvas. During this session, we will look in-depth at the features and pedagogical value of both Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation tools.  

  • Peer Review enables instructors to create assignments for students to provide feedback to their peers on deliverables like documents or videos based on predefined criteria. 

  • This tool streamlines how students assess their peers' collaboration skills. The teacher specifies the criteria students use to evaluate their peers' contributions to group work.  

We will also highlight typical use cases and experiences from other institutions. If you have specific questions or use cases, please feel free to raise them during the session!

Self-paced workshop

Attend the self-paced workshop and study at a time of your choosing. Length: 1hr


Type of course

Web conference


Eugenie Hsueh

Who should attend

Teaching staff who are either already conducting peer learning activities or interested in embedding peer learning in their teaching.

What you will learn

  • overview of peer learning opportunities using FeedbackFruits Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation  

    • the functionality of these tools and whether they suit your use case(s)  

    Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

    Before attending this workshop, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of both tools by reading a brief overview of the tools.  Optionally, you can also work through the self-paced course.

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