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As a university we are about to embark on a series of conversations about what The Flinders Learning Experience should look like into the future. As a university, we already have a strong base in this area, with a lot of great work done to establish learning and teaching principles, digital learning guidelines and other initiatives. Now is a time to look at how we might build and enhance how we deliver the curriculum, and how we might challenge ourselves to create a point of difference for Flinders. The idea is to develop an agreed model that disciplines can then nuance.

The Flinders Learning Experience Conversation with the staff and student community will run for 12 weeks. The conversation will start with focus groups for staff and students. Each focus group will have a particular theme, so please make sure you join the group or groups where we will be discussing the themes that interest you. Some sessions will be run in person and some online, so please also take note of this when you are registering.


  • Real world
  • Online quality
  • Skills and perspectives
  • Delivery format
  • Open – other themes

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Janice Orrell
College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

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