Taking an Educative Approach to Academic Integrity focus on artificial intelligence

Course description

This Flinders Learning and Teaching Academy Event focuses on taking an educative approach to academic integrity with a focus on artificial intelligence.

This workshop forms part of the Flinders Learning and Teaching Academy’s activities. All staff interested in learning and teaching are encouraged to attend. The workshop will include sharing of better practice nationally and internationally as well as presentations by academics and professional staff at Flinders. The workshop will also provide opportunities to identify areas for future work and projects and connect staff with networks, committees and Communities of practice already working in the area.

Type of course



Michelle Picard
Learning and Teaching Innovation

What you will learn

  • Identify systematic approaches for enhancing academic integrity in an age of artificial intelligence
  • Enhance your support of students to demonstrate their learning in an age of artificial intelligence
  • Enhance your design of assessment for academic integrity.

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