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'Foundations of LGBTQ Inclusion' eLearn module to support LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace.

Inclusion education is a critical part of creating cultural change within organisations.

With this in mind, Pride in Diversity has created the 'Foundations of LGBTQ Inclusion' eLearn module. This module seeks to provide employees with easily consumable content that provides a foundation knowledge level of LGBTQ awareness and inclusion.

You should allow 30 minutes in total to complete the training program.

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What you will learn

Key learning outcomes:

  • Insight into common LGBTQ terminology
  • Guidance on understanding why LGBTQ inclusion is important
  • Video content that provides examples of everyday challenges LGBTQ people face
  • Key actions you can undertake to drive LGBTQ inclusion within your workplace

Upcoming events

Friday, 22nd December 2023 - FLO online training

Time: 5:00PM - 5:00PM
Location: FLO