Grants budgets - Category 2 & 3

Course description

This session will investigate the following:
  • Common categories of budget items and resources to find relevant information and costs
  • Identify different types of budgets and the circumstances in which they should be used
  • Overview of the 'Commissioned Research Budget Estimator'
  • Overview of the 'Tied Funding Budget Estimator'
  • Practical examples using the budget estimators

Click here to see the full program for our research income training and development series:
- Grants Evolution Category 1
- Grants Evolution Category 2 & 3.

Type of course



Mary Lyons
Research Development and Support

Ann-Louise Hordacre
College of Business, Government and Law

Who should attend

All researchers and research support staff who develop research related budgets

What you will learn

  • When and how to use different types of budgets
  • Resources available to help cost projects
  • How to use the budget estimator tools

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