FLO: Marking and managing assignments

Course description

This facilitated workshop walks you through the basics of marking and managing assignments submitted through the Assignment tool in FLO.

The workshop is split into two parts. If you are not involved in managing assignments, you are free to leave after Part One.

Part One: Marking assignments 

  • choosing between offline and online marking methods 
  • marking and feedback offline (bulk marking)
  • marking and feedback online (one by one)

Part Two: Managing assignments (optional, if appropriate to your role) 

  • viewing assignment submissions 
  • allowing resubmissions 
  • granting extensions 
  • using the Assignment Marking Workflow function 

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

  • Teaching staff involved in marking student assignments. 
  • Teaching staff responsible for assignment management tasks in FLO.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

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