FLO: Managing groups

Course description

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up groups and groupings and create a range of group activities in a teacher role.

You will have opportunities to think about your own topic context and how you might use the different options for setting up groups (managing groups and groupings). We will discuss the functionality of the group feature and how it can be used to manage groups (eg set up conditional activities) in FLO.

This workshop is also available at Using Groups in FLO - self-paced workshop and resource site

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

Academic and professional staff who want to explore how to set up groups and group activities in FLO.

What you will learn

This workshop supports you being able to:
  • identify activities that are suitable for group work in FLO
  • create groups and groupings, and student self enrolment methods
  • set up a group activity/ies in FLO
  • know where to go for help

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