Hazardous Chemicals Training

Course description

College of Science and Engineering  (CSE)

This course is offered to CSE staff and students online in FLO and involves viewing a video presented by David Vincent.  

You are asked to down load the checklist and this must completed during the presentation followed by two tasks that need to be completed afterwards. All three documents must be completed and uploaded for assessment in order to obtain status in this safety training course.It is important to use the checklist to identify any areas that were not made clear to you or questions that you have. In this case we will make contact via email to assist. 

Please commence via the video link below in FLO.

Hazardous Chemicals Training Video 

College of Medicine and Public Health (CMPH)

This course is offered to CMPH staff and students and is presented in person on the date and location specified. It covers the safe use, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals and the use of Chemwatch to access SDS and produce labels.


College of Science and Engineering Presentation can be accessed via the following link in FLO: Hazardous Chemicals Training Video

Type of course

Online course


David Vincent
College Services, Science and Engineering

Hanna Krysinska
People and Culture

Who should attend

For College of Science and Engineering staff and students who work in laboratories. 

CMPH - Staff, Research Higher Degree candidates,  Honours or other students

What you will learn

How to use, store and handle Hazardous Chemicals safely (inc related wastes) and how to use Chemwatch.

NOTE: CSE Course - please submit the tasks and checklist by the deadline in the course heading. If you require an extension then please make your request to cse.whs@flinders.edu.au before the cut off date advertised. If you have not completed the quiz by the cut off date  then your enrolment will be deleted and you will then need to re-enrol

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

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