WHS Event Safety Training

Course description

Event Safety Training involving:

  • Introduction to event safety, including definitions and terms
  • What needs to be considered for an event
  • Working with the event procedures and forms
  • How to perform basic hazard identification and risk assessments
  • Case study / workshop example (as required)


Please be familiar with the Event Safety web site (https://staff.flinders.edu.au/workplace-support/whs/information-documents/topic/event-safety) which includes:

Other documents include:

Type of course


Who should attend

Anyone running an event as an event organiser.

What you will learn

How to run an event safely and what you should consider to achieve this.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

None.  Some pre-reading of the event safety web site may help - https://staff.flinders.edu.au/workplace-support/whs/information-documents/topic/event-safety

Upcoming events

No upcoming events