Gas Cylinder/Regulator Training

Course description

There are two versions of this course. One is presented by the College of Medicine and Public Health with the other by the College of Science and Engineering. Please be sure to select the course that corresponds to your college. Please refer to the Upcoming events on this page and if your college is offering a course select the enrol now button. You will receive an email confirming the details of the course.

College of Medicine and Public Health (CMPH)

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College of Science and Engineering (CSE)

This is required training for all personnel needing to handle and install gas cylinders.

To enrol, please see the details on the top right of this page. Ensure that the course description contains the following "CSE Course Registration (date/time)" to avoid enrolling in the wrong course.

Type of course


Who should attend

Researchers, higher degree students, technical staff and workers who must handle and install gas cylinders.

What you will learn

The CSE course is delivered by BOC onsite. The duration will be 3 hours with a maximum attendance quota of 10 people.

The following topics are covered -

Cylinder construction

Correctly identify gas cylinders

Safely store gas cylinders

Safe transport gas cylinders

Select correct gas equipment

Safe handling of gas cylinders

Gas control equipment

Gas properties and hazards

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge


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