FlinSafe System

Course description

FlinSafe Field Trips (delivered online via FLO) - TBA Sept / Oct 2022 (enquire at whs@flinders.edu.au)

What you will gain from this course.

  • How to use FlinSafe Field Trips
  • Participant Safety Acknowledgement forms
  • Details to consider for a smoother approval process 
  • Approval/verification process
  • Closing a field trip
  • Special functions, tips and some frequently asked questions

FlinSafe Management Training (delivered on as needed basis)

What you will gain from this course.

  • How to login and use FlinSafe
  • Using dashboards
  • Accessing, viewing and sorting records
  • Sign Off tasks, as applicable
  • Initial Investigations, as applicable
  • Field Trip approval


The following resources will also assist in understanding FlinSafe topics:

Field Trips

FlinSafe Management

Type of course



Matt Lindner
People and Culture

Who should attend

Field Trips Course

  • Field Trip Leaders
  • Any Field Trip Approvers/Verifiers (University Nominated Contacts, Field Trip Verifiers, Maritime Safety Verifiers, Supervisors, Deans and Vice-President Executive Deans)

Management Training

  • Executive Management and Management who use the main application interface (i.e. dashboards and reports)

What you will learn

Field Trips Course

  • How to use FlinSafe to record a field trip (FlinSafe / Field Trips Portal) and send it off for approval.
  • What details to enter to assist with a smoother approval process.
  • Some tips and tricks and frequently asked questions.

Management Training

  • How to use FlinSafe (Management system version) to access records and keep up to date with actions in your business area.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Field Trips Course

  • Some familiarity with running a field trip is helpful, but not essential.

Management Training

  • No requirements.

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