CSE Laboratory Safety Training

Course description

The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) offers a specialized training course:

CSE Laboratory Safety Training (for labs with hazardous chemicals)

The course is offered as both 'face to face' and online via FLO. 

Both formats explain:

  • WHS Legislation
  • Emergency procedures - what to do following accidents / incidents
  • How to identify hazards and what to do about them
  • Chemwatch
  • Chemical waste management,
  • PPE  plus some laboratory basics.
  • Must complete a quiz to complete the course.

Tonsley and Administrative Staff 

All other staff not working with chemicals and all administrative staff  please follow the link to New Staff Induction (Professional Development)  for a local area induction. There are embedded questions throughout this course. Please use a hard copy of the University's Local Work Health and Safety Induction Checklist and at the end of the presentation ask your supervisor to explain the specific workplace hazards to you and then ask them to sign the form.


Please go to this link and login to view the Laboratory Safety video presented by Tanya Rodaro before attempting the quiz


NOTE: you have one week to complete the quiz. If you require an extension then please make your request to cse.whs@flinders.edu.au before the cut off date advertised. If you have not completed the quiz by the cut off date  then your enrolment will be deleted and you will then need to re-enrol.

Type of course

Online course


Tanya Rodaro
People and Culture

Jim Northey
People and Culture

Who should attend

CSE Staff that work in chemical and biological laboratories, Research and Higher degrees (Post Graduate and Honours students) - or those working independently in laboratories and workshops.

What you will learn

The University WHS requirements are explained.

In order to complete the CSE Laboratory Safety Training  you are required to log into FLO and successfully complete the quiz before you can be considered as competent for this course.

Upcoming events

Friday, 11th December 2020 - CSE FLO Online - (date/time = Quiz deadline)

Time: 10:15AM - 10:15AM
Location: FLO

Please remember if you can't attend a course anymore please unenrol yourself or move to the waiting list so others can attend.

Waiting list

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