LGBTQ - Empowering Allies Training

Course description

This training is provided by Pride in Diversity.  The purpose of this session is to build on the knowledge about LGBTQ inclusion covered in the online 'Foundations of LGBTQ Inclusion’ course. This session will focus on what an ally is and how we can be allies in the workplace and beyond. This interactive workshop allows participants to build their skills in intervention as well as their understanding of what makes a good ally. It is recommended that participants complete the online Foundations of LGBTQ Inclusion course prior to attending this workshop.

Type of course


Who should attend

All staff interested in understanding allyship and proactively supporting the LGBTQ community, deepening understanding of workplace inclusion, and staff interested in joining the Flinders Pride Network.

What you will learn

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand the business case for LGBTQ inclusion and explain why it is important in a workplace context
  • Understand some of the lived experiences and unique challenges for LGBTQ people and the impact to the workplace
  • Understand the diversity of, and differences between sex characteristics, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation
  • Learn some introductory actions individuals can take to create a more inclusive workplace culture
  • Understand what makes an effective ally
  • Respond to some of the common views that question the need for inclusion initiatives
  • Be able to intervene in non-inclusive situations

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