NHMRC Investigator Grants: Guidelines and Sapphire

Course description

This online information session will provide an overview of the Investigator guidelines for 2023.

Led by Lucy Sheehan-Hennessy, Senior Research Grants Officer, this session will address key questions about:

  • Application requirements
  • Sapphire requirements
  • Application timelines
  • Support offered by Flinders

There will be time for questions and discussion.

All researchers who are applying for an Investigator in 2023 are encouraged to attend.

The session will be run via MS Teams and a link will be sent to you a day prior to the session via calendar invitation.

Type of course

Information session


Lucy Sheehan-Hennessy
Research Development and Support

Who should attend

  • All researchers who are submitting an application for an Investigator grant in 2023 are encouraged to attend.

What you will learn

  • Application requirements
  • Sapphire requirements
  • Timelines and support

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