Kaltura (My Media): the basics

Course description

For Kaltura training, please attend our self-paced workshop. No more face-to-face workshops will be scheduled as we transition to Canvas.

If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with your local eLearning Support Team.

Kaltura is the video and media platform in FLO's My Media. It is used for storing and sharing videos for learning, and also includes a desktop recorder for recording videos from your computer.
There are three parts to Kaltura:

  1. Desktop recorder
    A tool that you can install on you computer to make simple videos using your webcam/audio or screen capture. You can also record drawings and annotations, and it has a whiteboard. Once you’ve created a video using the desktop recorder you can upload directly into MyMedia.
  2. My Media
    Your personal media repository, which you access via FLO or upload from the desktop recorder but only you can access it – it’s private to you.
  3. Media Vault
    The Media Vault belongs to each topic in FLO. If you publish a video from My Media to a Media Vault in FLO, then the video becomes accessible to any staff who have an editing role in that topic.

Instructions for installation: https://flo.flinders.edu.au/mod/glossary/showentry.php?courseid=151&eid=105566&displayformat=dictionary

The Kaltura self-paced workshop is available as a topic through Flinders Learning Online (FLO). You can self-enrol:

  • Click https://flo.flinders.edu.au/enrol/index.php?id=62976
  • This link takes you to FLO and a page that says Kaltura Workshop: Self Enrolment (Student). Click the Continue button.
  • Click the blue 'Enrol me' button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Start the Kaltura self-paced workshop.

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

Any staff creating Online videos

What you will learn

In this workshop you will learn

  • What Kaltura is and its components and capabilities
  • How to record video using the desktop recorder
  • How to upload video to your My Media repository
  • How to edit video in your My Media repository
  • How to publish video to your topics (Media Vault)
  • How to embed video within FLO topics

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