Top tips for using teaching room technology

Course description

Are you: 

  • new to teaching at the University?
  • teaching in newly upgraded space?
  • keen to level up your lecture delivery to provide a better learning experience for students?
  • a professional staff member using a teaching space for meetings or events?

We can help!

The technology in our teaching spaces is evolving. New audio-visual and lecture capture tools are available, and the controls for using them are now at your fingertips.  We offer these short sessions to help you make the most of the technology to create quality lecture experiences for students both in the room and off-campus, or to ensure the success of an event. They’re informal, with plenty of hands-on practice and the opportunity to chat about your specific needs. 

We schedule these sessions for an hour, but usually get through the main event in approx. 30 minutes. You can choose to stay for Q&A and extra hands-on practice or leave if you’re feeling confident.


These one-page quick guides are a useful reference.

Type of course

Information Session


Leigh Hoppenbrouwers
Information and Digital Services

Who should attend

Teaching staff or professional staff using any teaching spaces with audio-visual and/or lecture capture technology. Not sure if your space has this technology? Check the list of equipped spaces.

Can’t make the timeslot or location of the monthly scheduled session? Email us via to request an alternate time or a session in your local teaching space.

What you will learn

  • How to connect to and use the technology setup, including: displays/screens, microphone, laptop inputs, document camera, lecture capture, recording the whiteboard, phone, video-conferencing, SMART Boards, etc (customised based on what’s in the room)
  • How to optimise the experience for students/audience in the teaching space
  • Using the different lecture capture modes to ensure a high-quality recording (to provide a good experience for distance learners, students who re-watch the lectures as revision, or for an external audience)
  • How to avoid ‘oops’ moments in lecture recordings (like accidentally recording a sensitive conversation with a student)
  • How to use the system for manual recordings outside of timetabled lectures (like recording tutorials /workshops or other events; or quickly and easily creating video content for flipped learning)

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

There’s no course pre-requisites, but you may like to bring the following to try during the session:
  • If you’re going to teach with your laptop, please bring it plus any connectors/adaptors (specifically, a HDMI adaptor if your computer doesn’t have a HDMI input) so you can practise setting up.
  • If you want to use a document camera to display real objects onto the screen, bring along some of your content to see how it works.
  • Want to try the manual recording? Bring a USB stick! You’ll need it to activate the manual recording function and to save your recording on.

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