Advanced Searching Techniques - Library

Course description

You have your research question and have looked at Google Scholar ... now what?

Flinders University Library gives you access to over 400 different databases. Learn how to unlock their potential and find the best resources for your research.

This session will show you how to move beyond Google and Google Scholar by identifying the best library databases for your topic and by creating an effective search strategy to use in those databases.

We will start with an example research question and by the end of the session, will have shown you how to translate that question into a database readable search string. Learning how to create search strategies and use databases effectively will ensure your search results are relevant, replicable, and documentable.

Type of course

Web conference


Shannon Brown

Who should attend

  • Early- and Mid-career researchers
  • Established researchers
  • Higher Degree by Research student
  • Research support staff

What you will learn

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