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What is Mahara? Mahara is a personal online platform that stays with you for the duration of your time here at Flinders. It is an online space where you can join up the dots between different things and show progress over time, and a place to organise and showcase your work. It belongs to the account holder - this means you control all your settings and who sees what. You can use your Mahara space for anything you like - personal notes, professional activity, scholarly activity and research, continuing professional development, career building and job-seeking, etc. Mahara works well to capture your experiential and informal learning, and can also be used for formal coursework at Flinders, because Mahara integrates with FLO for authenticated assessment submission. It can be a lot of things, but essentially, Mahara is a place to tell a story about you. 

This workshop will lead you through the basics of using Mahara, including:
  • how to create pages and collections, store and organise files, and share and present your work with others 
  • how Mahara can support coursework through educational strategies such as reflective journaling, project showcases, etc. 
  • how you can use Mahara for your own purposes: teaching portfolio, record of professional learning, detailing your Reconciliation Action Plan approach and knowledge, etc. 
  • orientation to getting help and further resources 

Please note this workshop is delivered in a facilitated small-group online mode. You will be sent the link prior to the event.  

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