MATE Online Modules 1-6

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a FLO Online Course available all the time.

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'Mate Bystander Program'

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Welcome to MATE Online.

MATE Online - is a bystander awareness and intervention eLearning training and is offered to all staff as part of Flinders Respect.Now.Always. Safety on Campus program.

MATE Online will help Flinders in our commitment to preventing, responding, and providing support to students and staff who experience sexual assault and sexual harassment at Flinders. To ensure you understand this commitment, you have been provided access to MATE Online.

MATE is a project of Griffith University, Queensland. It is an education and intervention program teaching us all to be leaders in the prevention of violence and problematic behaviour.

MATE Online is:

  • an interactive workshop
  • designed specifically for higher education employees and students
  • made up of 6 modules
  • each module will need to be completed to be able to do the next one
  • the program will take about 90 minutes to complete

At the end of the course, you can print out a certificate.

You can exit MATE Online at any time - when you next log in, you will be returned to the last page viewed.

You are encouraged to revisit MATE Online periodically to refresh your knowledge, and to use the program as a resource when necessary.

Type of course

Online course

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