Material Transfer Agreements - Information Session

Course description

If your research involves biological or other materials, then it is more than likely that you will require a MTA to send or receive such materials.

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a legal document that is required when material is being transferred between institutions. The MTA sets out among other things, arrangements for permitted uses and ownership or sharing of ownership of the material and any associated intellectual property (IP).

This session will provide an overview of what a MTA is, why and when you need a MTA, and how to set one up here at Flinders Uni.

Type of course

Information Session


Perry Fiegert
Information and Digital Services

Nima Nezhad
Research Development and Support

Who should attend

This information session is suitable for Academics, Higher Degree Research Students and Research Administrators who require material eg substance, biological organism, genetically modified organism or biological materials to be sent or received.

What you will learn

The process and support available to put into place a MTA for receiving/sending materials.

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