Open Research Practices

Course description

Over the past decade, researchers, institutions and organisations have developed research practices to increase open, rigorous and reproducible research. 

In this session, Dr Jen Beaudry (Manager, Researcher Training, Development and Communication) will provide an introduction to all things open research. 

She will discuss the replication crisis and give an overview of research practices to increase the openness and transparency of your work, including

  • preregistration,
  • Registered Reports,
  • preprints,
  • open data, code, and materials.

She will also provide a number of resources to help you embrace and encourage open science practices.

Type of course

Information session

Who should attend

  • Researchers
  • HDR students¬†
  • Research support staff

What you will learn

  • replication crisis
  • preregistration
  • Registered Reports
  • preprints
  • open data, code, and materials
  • available resources

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