FLO: Introduction

Course description

For training in this course, please attend our self-paced workshop. No more face-to-face workshops for this course will be scheduled as we transition to Canvas.

If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with your local eLearning Support Team.

Flinders Learning Online (FLO) is the University's learning management system using Moodle as the core platform. Every topic has a FLO presence, whether it is on-campus, fully online, or somewhere in between. This workshop provides a brief overview of FLO – how to access it, how to it is set up, and common tasks performed by most staff.

  • How to access FLO
  • Roles in FLO
  • Finding your way around FLO
  • Recognising the main features of a FLO topic site
  • Creating you profile
  • Common activities in every topic
  • Communicating with students
  • Overview of extensions

How to access Collaborate self-paced workshop

Collaborate self-paced workshop is available as a topic through Flinders Learning Online (FLO). You can self-enrol:

  • Click https://flo.flinders.edu.au/enrol/index.php?id=65804
  • This link takes you to FLO and a page that says FLO: Introduction: Self Enrolment (Student). Click the Continue button.
  • Click the blue 'Enrol me' button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Start the Collaborate workshop.

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

The course is suitable for both staff who are new to FLO and existing staff who would like a refresher.

Topic coordinators are also invited to attend FLO: Basic Building.

Further skills may be required if you will be building a topic from scratch. Please speak to the eLearning team to discuss your options. - via Service One or call x15000.

Upcoming events

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