Copyright: Publishing agreements and author rights

Course description

Have you ever published a paper or book and taken any notice of what rights you may have given to the publisher, or what rights you retained in the agreement you signed?

Do you plan on publishing a paper or book, but not sure of the copyright implications?

This session provides an overview of copyright and addresses the use of third party copyright material in your work. The session highlights the common features of a publishing agreement, including the types of licences you may come across.

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Loretta Schelbach Khanna

Who should attend

  • ECR
  • MCR
  • Established researcher
  • HDR

What you will learn

  • The economic rights and moral rights of copyright
  • Types of licences contained within publishing agreements
  • Your rights as an author
Regarding the use of third party copyright material, you will learn:
  • When you can rely on an exception in the Copyright Act

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