Responding to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual harassment - online

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Flinders University is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning and working environment for all of our community.
Therefore, there is no place for sexual assault or sexual harassment at Flinders University.

This training forms part of a suite of 'Safety on Campus' programs that reflects our ongoing commitment and our involvement in the Respect. Now. Always. 'Educating for Equality' campaign, launched by Universities Australia to prevent and address sexual harassment and sexual assault across the tertiary education sector.

Ensuring our staff are appropriately trained to respond to students or staff who may disclose sexual harassment or sexual assault is a key part of Flinders' implementation of Respect. Now. Always.

The training is mandatory for all new staff, and for existing staff in identified roles who are most likely to receive disclosures from students about sexual harassment or sexual assault.

All staff are strongly encouraged to complete this training package and be aware of their responsibilities under the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Policy.

You should allow 90 minutes in total to complete the two modules that comprise 'Responding to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual harassment'.

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Type of course

Online course

What you will learn

Module 1 - Sexual harassment and sexual assault: What are the drivers and how can staff respond?

This module, developed by Universities Australia and the Australian Psychological Society as part of the Respect. Now. Always. initiative will enable you to:

  • Identify behaviours that constitute sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Understand the drivers behind these behaviours
  • Better understand how often they occur and their effects
  • Identify barriers to reporting, disclosing and seeking help
  • Respond and support students and staff appropriately and effective
  • Identify support systems at Flinders

Module 2 - Support and reporting at Flinders

This module, authored by the Flinders Health, Counselling and Disability team, provides information about:

  • The Flinders context for Respect. Now. Always.
  • Support options for students and staff
  • Flinders' policy framework, responsibilities and expectations
  • Reporting options for students and staff

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