Research Engagement and Impact at Flinders - An Overview

Course description

Consisting of two parts this session explains research engagement and how our research is making a difference.

An information session will cover:
  • What is engagement and impact? An introduction to concepts and definitions.
  • Why is there a focus on engagement and impact?
  • The current research environment
  • What does engagement and impact mean at Flinders?
  • Why external relationships are important to researchers - more than just money

A discussion panel will provide a peer-learning opportunity focusing on:
  • Case studies and narratives that describe how research has made a difference to policy. the community and industry
  • Designing impactful research
  • Recognising research impact
Speakers and panel members include:
  • Professor John Spoehr, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research Impact)
  • Professor Jennifer Teiman, Caresearch Director, CNHS
  • Professor Fran Baum, Director, Southgate Institute, CMPH
  • Professor David Lewis, Director, Flinders Nanotechology, CSE
  • Professor Tracey Wade, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor, CEPSW
  • Professor Michael Tsianikas, CHASS
  • Associate Professor Bibi Sangha, CBGL
  • Sarah Walsh, Director of Marketing, OCME
  • Ben Jacobs, RDS

Flinders' Research Community based in rural and remote locations will be able to access and participate in the session.. Please indicate if you are from a rural or remote location when enrolling or contact Kirsty de Ruyter at

Type of course



John Spoehr
College of Business, Government and Law

Who should attend

  • Early Career Researchers
  • Mid-Career Researchers
  • Established Researchers
  • Research Leaders
  • Research Support staff

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