Raiser's Edge NXT00

Course description

Raiser’s Edge NXT (referred to as RE NXT) is a cloud-based type of customer relationship management system designed particularly with a focus on donors and donor management and used by non profit organisations. Information is stored in particular records known as Constituent Records. Currently the Flinders University Alumni & Advancement Team use RE NXT to communicate with/manage relationships between the University and Alumni as well as non-Alumni who donate to Flinders University. Information collected in RE NXT includes the Constituent contact details, types of contact preferred, donations (gifts) and Events invited to and attended, as well as other relevant data.  As at May, 2019 RE NXT is being ‘rolled out’ to other Flinders University Businesses.

The purpose of the 2 hour training session is to acquaint Staff with the RE NXT environment and functionalities .

Type of course

Hands-on computer course

Who should attend

Staff who have RE NXT accounts and as directed by their Business Unit.

What you will learn

An overview of RE NXT, navigating, searching, viewing details.

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