Building research partnerships

Course description

This session will discuss the why, what and how of engaging with and forming partnerships with Government, industry and not-for-profits. Increasingly, government grants require a co-contribution from others, but partnerships provide more benefits than just $$.

You will hear about the benefits and pitfalls from researchers who have developed partnerships and get some tips on what to look for and how to engage with potential partners.

This session will provide insights and build skills in:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Plan of attack/action - how to start a dialogue
  • Understanding who can assist
  • Considering what events and platforms stakeholders use that you can interact with
  • Considerations for a researcher capability statement
  • Crafting a research pitch

In addition A/Prof Rebecca Golley, CNHS and Dr Daryl Wesley, CHASS, will be sharing their experience and insights.

A/Prof Rebecca Golley (CNHS) is recognised as a national expert in child obesity and nutrition promotion interventions and paediatric dietary assessment. She has a strong track record in nutritional epidemiology, behavioural nutrition, food parenting, intervention development and evaluation as well as research translation.

Dr Daryl Wesley is a multidisciplinary archaeologist that has developed a high degree of proficiency in field archaeology, rock art, archaeological sciences, heritage conservation, and anthropological research over two and a half decades. Daryl has accomplished valuable contributions to Indigenous and historical archaeological studies in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Here is the full program for our research income training and development series:

  • Grants Evolution Category 1
  • Grants Evolution Category 2 & 3.

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Ann-Louise Hordacre
College of Business, Government and Law

Who should attend

  • ECR
  • MCR
  • Established researchers
  • Research Support Staff

What you will learn

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