Research Systems Training

Course description

ResearchNow is the university's research management tool, introduced to increase the visibility of researchers to the world by highlighting their research outputs and profiles.

In 2020 the capability for managing grant applications and awards was added to ResearchNow. Researchers and support staff across the university (in Colleges, Research Development and Support, and Finance) can now collaborate to record and update project information, timelines, and budgets for research projects.

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Type of course

Online course

What you will learn

In this course you’ll learn about: 

  • Definitions of important terms used in ResearchNow awards management. 
  • The research funding cycle. 
  • How a research application becomes an award. 
  • How research project information, timelines, and budgets are entered for an award in ResearchNow (and who enters them).
  • How you can promote your research project, applications and awards using ResearchNow.

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