Drop-In Sessions: Social and Behavioural Research Ethics

Course description

Receive one-on-one assistance and advice from the Social and Behavioural Research Ethics team on all aspects of the ethics process including:

  • applying for ethics approval, excluding clinical;
  • managing your ethics approval, such as
    • modifying your approved application
    • annual progress
    • final reports

We welcome rural and remote researchers – please contact researcherpd.rds@flinders.edu.au to confirm session arrangements.

Please enrol to attend a session. 

If the matter is urgent, please contact the Human Research Ethics Officers for assistance.

Type of course

Information session

Who should attend

All staff and students who are involved in applying for ethics approval for non-clinical research from the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee (SBREC) and managing existing projects already approved by the committee. Please note that any clinical research and research involving staff, patients and/or visitors at any organisations under the banner of SAHLN need to be reviewed by another committee.

What you will learn

Advice regarding general and project specific enquiries; writing ethics applications, undertaking research with specific populations and new skills and understanding of undertaking non-clinical research with human beings in Australia.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

For your reference, the Human Ethics webpages contain detailed information - http://www.flinders.edu.au/research/researcher-support/ebi/human-ethics/

Upcoming events

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Waiting list

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