Part 2: Literature Searching - Systematic review series

Course description

Systematic reviews series introduces systematic reviews structures and methodology (part 1), systematic approach (part 2 - this workshop) and managing citations and reporting the search (part 3).

Delivered in three parts over three consecutive days, participants can enrol in one or, ideally, all three sessions. The workshops will cover the following: 

Part 2: Systematic literature searching - 18 September (this session)

Designing a highly sensitive search strategy is the foundation of a systematic review. The methodology of systematic searching can be used by researches in any discipline to minimise bias in their literature searching. At the heart of this methodology is a comprehensive, sensitive search to uncover as much of the existing body of research on a topic as possible. This workshop will present a reliable and reproducible method for planning and conducting the search within multiple databases.

Other session in the series you can attend include:

Part 1: Systematic reviews methodology - 17 September (click here to enrol)

This workshop will present reviews methodology, planning a review protocol and introduces the sources to register the protocol.

Part 3: Managing citations and PRISMA report - 19 September (click here to enrol)

This session will focus on:

  • Exporting retrieved literature from databases into Endnote
  • Removing duplicates
  • Screening process in a systematic way/dual review
  • PRISMA report
  • Search methodology documentation for the SR paper

BYO devise is optional for all sessions.

Type of course



Leila Mohammadi

Who should attend

  • HDR
  • ECR
  • MCR
From all disciplines.

What you will learn

Part 2:

  • defining a clearly focused question
  • establishing unambiguous inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • technical instruction of constructing a systematic search
  • converting the search into multiple databases

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