FLO: Styling your site

Course description

This workshop provides an opportunity to see your FLO site with fresh eyes, in the light of styles and style practices that create consistent, accessible, inclusive and user-friendly FLO sites. We will look at resources available for updating or developing a FLO site to create an effective learning experience. You will have plenty of hands-on opportunities to play with styles of particular interest to you, either in the training sandpit or in your own topic.


eLearning Gateway, a resource for Flinders University staff, supporting the use of educational technology for teaching and learning, including using FLO (Flinders Learning Online) and designing for online.

Type of course

Web conference

Who should attend

Topic coordinators or anyone working in FLO topic or resource (eg course) sites.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • find and use help materials effectively
  • apply styles in FLO
  • adapt these skills in your FLO topic/resource site

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